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Click on the quote to hear the awesome donation story! Film Biz Recycling and Warner Bros.’ Material Donation Program ENCORE! Donate “Gossip Girl” Wardrobe

Click on the quote to hear the awesome donation story! Film Biz Recycling and Warner Bros.’ Material Donation Program ENCORE! Donate “Gossip Girl” Wardrobe

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CIAO! The Warner Bros Encore! Gossip Girl Donation story has made it to Italy! Watch the CCP video to see all the great things that are being accomplished!!

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails." - Henry David Thoreau

Warner Bros, Film Biz Recycling and Good Will are a few organizations dedicated to helping others. Watch the Canal Creatures video that tells the “Donation Story”! 


Warner Bros. donates “Gossip Girl” Wardrobe

Film Biz Recycling recently re-distributed wardrobe items from the New York production of Warner Brothers’ hit show “Gossip Girl” to three charities in the New York - Career Gear, Bottomless Closet and Goodwill Industries, renowned organizations that operate public and private reuse centers offering employment, job training and other community-based programs for those facing challenges to finding employment.

Canal Creatures shot and produced this video documenting the process of the Gossip Girl wardrobe’s journey from Film Biz to the three charities.

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Warner Brothers and Film Biz Recycling are are doing great things! Check out our donation video that explains it all.

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Gossip Girl Wardrobe Gets New Charitable Homes!

Perez Hilton posted the donation story! Check out some of the wonderful things Film Biz Recycling is doing!

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MOFTB is looking for your stories!

The New York City Mayor’s Office division of Media & Entertainment is looking for stories of productions and production companies that were among the “first responders” involved in relief from Hurricane Sandy.  We’d love to offer some shoutouts for those of you that did your part to help out, in ways that only producers and production folks know how!  Whether it was a donation of your catered meals for the day, use of a truck/van to transport food & supplies, or a wardrobe donation, you name it - we are looking to hear these stories that we can forward to the MOFTB.  This situation is bigger than all of us, and we mustn’t forget that it’s still ongoing.  Let’s make the Mayor’s Office aware of who helped out and how, and provide inspiration on innovative ways in which the city can react to a crisis in the future.

Share your stories in the comments below, or email them to sandy@canalcreatures.com

Please be clear on names, titles, neighborhood, and any details that will paint a picture of how the film community came together.  If you have pictures, feel free to share those as well!

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FBR: Lights, Camera, Auction!! from Canal Creatures on Vimeo.

CCP shot and edited this video highlighting Film Biz Recycling’s “Lights Camera Auction!” event from November - we think it will get you excited to join the party next year!

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